Your Land Exclusively

On Penang Island, where land is scarce and much sought after, be among the first to own a piece of this land that will define your unique status and embody your lifestyle.

  • 17 limited prime plots
  • Prestigious neighbourhood
  • Located near the sea in Tanjung Tokong

Your Design Uniquely

Imagine drawing inspiration from your favourite things and designing your dream villa that unfolds your pride and joy.

  • A testament of your status in life
  • A reflection of your taste, style and image
  • A contentment of knowing your home is truly your masterpiece

Your Image Lavishly

Now that you have made your mark in the world. It is time for you to indulge in the spoils of your success and riches. What better way can you treat yourself and your family than to a home that is meticulously designed to meet your exacting standards.

That's the beauty of Milrow, where the elite enjoy the distinction of being truly unique.

Site Plan

Choose a plot and build your dream villa today!

Plot No. Size Dimensions
A 7,061 sq.ft. 67' x 104'
B 7,901 sq.ft. 64' x 117'
C 7,309 sq.ft. 66' x 109'
D 8,945 sq.ft. 63' x 134'
E 8,751 sq.ft. 63' x 109'
F 9,182 sq.ft. 62' x 146'
G 8,719 sq.ft. 63' x 109'
H 9,171 sq.ft. 62' x 146'
I 12,992 sq.ft. 118' x 109'
J 9,171 sq.ft. 62' x 146'
K 7,309 sq.ft. 66' x 109'
L 9,171 sq.ft. 62' x 146'
M 7,190 sq.ft. 66' x 109'
N 9,171 sq.ft. 62' x 146'
O 8,191 sq.ft. 64' x 104'
P 9,171 sq.ft. 62' x 146'
Q 10,409 sq.ft. 49' x 146'

* The above land size is subject to minor amendments and shall be confirmed when Final Title is issued.

Close To The Sea

  • Just minutes away from Penang's spectacular coastline
  • Adjacent to Straits Quay, home to enticing restaurants, shops and trendsetting bar
  • Located near the sea in Tanjung Tokong

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